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My Fiji Travel Insurance

Cover all aspects of your holiday with My Fiji travel insurance.

Be sure your holiday to Fiji is hassle-free by covering yourself and your loved ones with travel insurance. Providing the peace of mind you need to truly relax on your holiday, My Fiji and travel insurance partner, Cover-More (AFSL 241713), is there for you, if and when you need it most.

Protect yourself, your belongings and your bookings while travelling the globe with a plan that suits you for international cover. Together, we provide you with the best travel insurance policies for your holiday. No matter what happens, whether you get sick before you leave or your flight gets delayed, we’ve got you covered!

Why do I Need Travel Insurance?

Insurance is a must when travelling to ensure you have the support you need if and when something unexpected and unfortunate happens. Illness, accidents or the need to change your booking details are all easily fixed when travel insurance is pre-arranged.

Our travel insurance is fully comprehensive, so you’ll be covered no matter what happens. Flight was delayed? Airline lost your luggage? Sprained your ankle? Saving you money and stress, My Fiji and Cover-More (AFSL 241713) are there to help. Even if you need to cancel your holiday, you can claim the cancellation costs so you can rebook for another time.

You may already have travel insurance included with your bank or credit card, but make sure you check the fine print. Banks and credit cards usually leave out important aspects of cover and include hidden costs that jump out and bite when you least expect it. By including our travel insurance with your My Fiji package, you know that every aspect of your holiday, before and during, will be covered.

Our insurance can be tailored to your needs and even those who have a pre-existing medical condition can take out insurance with My Fiji and Cover-More (AFSL 241713). There are no hidden costs, and we even include an excess waiver, so there’s no fee should you need to make a claim.

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