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Flights to Nadi International Airport depart daily from various cities across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Fiji is only a short flight from the east coast of Australia. Fiji is a 3-hour and 40-minute flight from Brisbane, a 3-hour and 55-minute flight from Sydney, a 4-hour and 40-minute flight from Melbourne, and a 5-hour and 20-minute flight from Adelaide.

To clear immigration in Fiji, you will need the following documents: 

  • A valid passport with six months validity from the time of departure  
  • Proof of booked accommodation and a return ticket  

Australian passport holders do not require a visa to travel to Fiji for tourism. If you are visiting for four months or less, you will be issued a visa on arrival, so long as you can show proof of a return ticket and accommodation whilst in Fiji.  

No, travel insurance is not required to enter Fiji. However, we strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance, as you must keep in mind that medical care standards in Fiji are not as high as in Australia, and if you’re seriously ill or injured, you’ll need medical evacuation to Australia. Travel insurance will cover this. Learn more about adding travel insurance to your My Fiji booking.  

It is recommended that you are up-to-date with all routine vaccinations, including COVID-19, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B, polio, influenza and pneumococcal disease, although this is not mandatory to travel. Please see your doctor for more information.

With year-round tropical weather, there is no bad time to visit Fiji. However, for lower humidity, clearer waters and less chance of rain, we recommend visiting between May and October. Check out our guide to the weather in Fiji 

If you are wishing to explore more of Fiji, there are plenty of options to get around. These include flights, ferries, public transport, taxis, car hire and more. Check out our guide to getting around Fiji 

There is something to suit every interest in Fiji. Some of the most popular things to do include snorkelling, diving, water sports, surfing, hiking, ziplining, golfing and visiting the spa. Check out our guides to the best things to do in Fiji 

We recommend packing lightly for your holiday in Fiji. As a warm, tropical country, we’d suggest bringing plenty of summer clothes and swimmers. Other things to add to your packing list include SPF 50+ sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses and a hat, plus a camera to capture all of your Fiji memories!

The Fijian people are famous for their warm, welcoming spirit and laid-back way of life. As a multicultural nation, you can expect to meet people of both Indigenous Fijian and Indo-Fijian descent.  

English is widely spoken in Fiji, as are Fijian and Hindi. If you are only visiting well-travelled areas of Fiji, you will get by knowing only English. However, we do recommend adding a few Fijian phrases to your vocabulary. For example, ‘bula’ means ‘hello’ and ‘vinaka’ means ‘thank you’.  

The time in Fiji is just one hour ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time.   

Fiji uses the Fijian dollar. $1 AUD is equivalent to approximately $1.49 FJD, although we recommend checking a reliable currency conversion service for up-to-date exchange rates. 

EFTPOS is widely accepted across Fiji. However, many smaller towns and villages rely on cash, so we recommend having some Fijian dollars handy, just in case. You can find several ATMs (including Westpac and ANZ outlets) in Nadi and at many resorts if you need to withdraw cash while in Fiji.  

To stay connected whilst in Fiji, you can purchase an international SIM card before leaving Australia or purchase a local SIM at the airport. If you don’t wish to purchase a SIM, we recommend disabling data roaming and not answering incoming calls to avoid hefty international fees.  

By purchasing a local SIM card, you will be able to access relatively fast internet in populated areas, although keep in mind that coverage can be patchy in more rural areas of the country. If you choose not to purchase a local SIM, wifi is available at most hotels, many restaurants and several other public places.  

Fijian electricity runs on 240V and 50Hz, so most of your devices will work without issue. Plus, the electrical wall socket is the same shape as in Australia, so you will not need an adaptor.  

While Fiji may be famous for its ‘FIJI Water’, the water that comes out of the tap in Fiji is not necessarily safe to drink. To be safe, we recommend drinking only bottled or filtered water whilst in Fiji.  

Fiji is generally a very safe place to travel. However, visitors to Fiji can sometimes fall victim to petty crimes, such as theft or ATM skimming. As a precaution, keep expensive valuables out of sight, lock your car if you have one and avoid walking alone at night in urban areas, particularly downtown Suva.  

Fiji celebrates many of the same holidays as us Australians, including Christmas, New Year’s and Easter. In addition, there are several other cultural festivals, holidays and events celebrated by Fiji’s various ethnic groups throughout the year. Some cultural Fiji events include the Bula Festival in July, the South Indian Fire Walking Festival in July or August, the Hibiscus Festival in August, Fiji Week in October and the Rising of the Balolo in October or November.   

My Fiji Exclusives

The My Fiji VIP Airport Fast Track Experience is an exclusive inclusion that allows you to skip the lengthy queues at airport arrival and departure, giving you more time to explore the wonders of Fiji. On arrival at Nadi Airport, you’ll be greeted by dedicated My Fiji staff, who will direct you to your exclusive fast track lane, ensuring a fast arrival and smooth departure. Combined, this will save you up to 90 minutes in airport wait times!

Located just 25 minutes from Port Denarau, Malamala Beach Club is the world’s first beach club located on its very own island and is one of our most popular inclusions. When travelling with us, you’ll gain access to the exclusive My Fiji deck, where you can lounge on a luxurious private cabana, sip hand-crafted cocktails by the resort-style infinity edge pool, enjoy an exquisite meal from the a-la-carte menu and have every need met by dedicated butlers. 

The My Fiji Island Experience takes guests on an adventure to the idyllic Tivua Island onboard one of our magnificent tall ships, Ra Marama, or the sailing catamaran, Fiji One. Here, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable day in paradise, with a range of activities to choose from, including lazing on the white sand beach, swimming in the vibrant blue waters or snorkelling in the colourful coral reefs.  

About My Booking

Upon paying for your deposit, all you need to do is pay your final balance 60 days before departure. Once your balance has been paid, we will email your travel documents approximately two weeks prior to departure. 

At present, we do not send out reminders regarding payment due dates. We recommend noting the date on your Booking Advice to ensure the amount is paid before the due date. You will only receive a reminder if your final balance is overdue. 

All day tours included in your My Fiji holiday package are pre-booked on the dates shown on your itinerary. However, these dates can be changed, subject to availability. If you wish to change the dates of any of your tours, please contact the supplier a minimum of 48 hours before your scheduled departure. 

Your travel documents will be sent to you via email approximately two weeks prior to departure.