Surfing in Fiji

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Surfing in Fiji - Hero Image
Surfing in Fiji - Hero Image

Ride Fiji’s Super Swells

With warm tropical waters, uncrowded surf breaks and waves to suit all skill levels, Fiji is a surfers’ paradise! Home to epic surf waves that have featured in international competitions, trust that Fiji offers a challenge for even the best of surfers.  

While many of Fiji’s most famous surf breaks are located on reefs, there are also several beaches and surf resorts on Viti Levu where you can learn or hone your surfing skills. Here are some of our favourite surfing spots in Fiji.  


Known as ‘Thunder Reef’ in the local language, Cloudbreak is by far the most famous surf break in Fiji. Located in the Mamanuca Islands, Cloudbreak boasts fast, barrelling lefts over a shallow reef and is revered by surfers worldwide.  

Without a doubt, Cloudbreak is one of the most challenging surf breaks in the world, alongside the infamous Pipeline (in Hawaii) and Teahupo’o (in Tahiti). Here, the waves crash down against the reefs from all angles and can reach as large as 20 feet. Even if you’re not up to surfing it, the waves of Cloudbreak are a sight to behold – the white breaks can be seen from up to three kilometres away!  

Coral Coast

For the more casual surfer, consider making your base along the Coral Coast. At the beachfront Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa, you’ll enjoy direct access to some spectacular surf breaks. Skilled surfers can make the easy paddle to nearby Hideaways, a superb right-hand reef break, while total beginners can sign up for a session with the resort’s onsite surf school. 

Another great surf spot along the Coral Coast is Natadola Beach, located just two minutes from InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa. Here, you’ll find ideal surfing conditions for beginners, since Natadola Beach offers a shore break, rather than a reef break. Meanwhile, intermediate to advanced surfers can paddle just one kilometre offshore to Resort Lefts, where the waves offer long rides and thick barrels.  

Mamanuca Islands

As a year-round surf destination, there are plenty of breaks to keep you busy in the Mamanuca Islands. Consider a stay at Plantation Island Resort or Castaway Island Fiji, both of which offer boat trips to world-class surf breaks, including Wilkes, Swimming Pools, Restaurants, Desperations and more. Plus, when you stay at one of these Mamanuca Island resorts, you can be assured that any non-surfers in your travelling party will have plenty to keep them occupied while you head out and surf the epic Fiji waves.  

When to Surf in Fiji

Fiji has a marine tropical climate with year-round surf and two distinct Fiji surf seasons. In the winter season (April to October), low-pressure systems in the Southern Hemisphere produce consistent ground swells which can get up to 15 faces. The southeast trade winds are predominant, and they blow offshore at Pipes and Frigates for up to a week at a time. There are usually a few days of calm winds between the weather patterns so surfing the other local breaks is possible if the swell is small enough. The winter season is regarded as the best time to come and catch a wave. 

The summer season from (December to April) has shorter duration swells of one to three days. During this time the conditions could be called ‘tropical’ as it is glassy or light winds all day and hot with afternoon showers. This is the time when the local breaks can begin to fire up. Conditions can be very demanding, so visiting surfers need to be competent and of intermediate to expert level. 

For more information on surfing in Fiji or to start planning your surf getaway, get in touch with our Holiday Experts