Snorkelling and Diving in Fiji

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Snorkelling and Diving in Fiji - Hero Image
Snorkelling and Diving in Fiji - Hero Image

Discover an Underwater Wonderland in Fiji

With 333 islands and atolls, it comes as no surprise that some of Fiji’s most phenomenal scenery can be found beneath the surface. In Fiji, you’ll find some of the world’s longest barrier reef systems, offering some truly epic scuba diving opportunities. And for those who prefer something less intense, Fiji’s fringing coral reef ecosystems are teeming with exotic sea life, perfect for snorkelling. Fiji is known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’ for a reason.  

Thanks to Fiji’s tropical climate, snorkelling and diving are activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Enjoy comfortable water temperatures of around 27°C and incredible visibility of up to 50 metres! For the best snorkelling and diving opportunities in Fiji, we recommend visiting between July and December.  

Here are some of our favourite snorkelling and diving spots in Fiji. 

Mamanuca Islands

For brilliant snorkelling opportunities, set sail for the mesmerising Mamanuca Islands. Here, you’ll find a range of island accommodation options, where you can step right off the beach and into some beautiful fringing reefs, perfect for families. For those who’d prefer to stay on the main island, consider taking a day trip to Malamala Beach Club or My Fiji Island to get a taste of the Mamanuca Islands’ spectacular coral gardens.

Plus, with shallow, calm waters, the Mamanuca Islands are an ideal sport for novice divers looking to take their first breath underwater. The barrier reefs surrounding the islands are home to a range of marine life, including dolphins, turtles, sharks and more.

Yasawa Islands

Like the Mamanucas, the Yasawa Islands are each surrounded by stunning fringing reefs – the underwater scenes here are simply unreal. While known as one of the best family-friendly snorkelling spots in Fiji, the Yasawas are also a favourite amongst diving enthusiasts. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a manta ray – the Yasawa Islands are known as being one of the best places in Fiji to spot these majestic creatures.

Beqa Island

Located just off the coast of Viti Levu, the Beqa Island Lagoon is home to some of the most breathtaking marine life on the Coral Coast. Boasting a healthy barrier reef, here you’ll find an abundance of coral formations and thousands of exotic marine species, including sea anemones, sharks, turtles and giant clams!

Some of the best dive sites surrounding Beqa Island include the wreck dive at Carpet Cove and the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, where you can swim alongside and feed eight different species of shark. For those who prefer to snorkel, Koro Sun Resort hosts fun-filled guided snorkelling tours with hosts that are happy to share their local knowledge about Fiji’s marine ecosystem.

Great Astrolabe Reef

Where better to discover Fiji’s incredible marine life than in the fourth-largest barrier reef in the world? Located along the southern shore of Kadavu Island, the Great Astrolabe Reef boasts 120 kilometres of coral gardens, filled with exotic fish and other marine life.

Jump aboard one of many boats that take snorkellers and diving to the best spots on the Great Astrolabe Reef, including the Naiqoro Passage, where you can experience big fish action against a background of colourful soft coral-coated walls. Although the Great Astrolabe Reef is a bit trickier to reach, it’s a true must-visit for snorkel and dive enthusiasts.

Your My Fiji Resort

Here at My Fiji, almost all of our resorts boast a beautiful beachfront location, where you can simply grab a mask and snorkel and jump right into a mesmerising underwater world. Of course, to get the best snorkelling or diving experience in Fiji, we recommend arranging a guided tour of the outer islands and reefs.

For more information about organising a snorkelling or diving tour in Fiji, get in touch with our Holiday Experts!