Fiji Beaches

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Fiji Beaches - Hero Image
Fiji Beaches - Hero Image

Boasting some of the most idyllic beaches in the world, no Fiji holiday is complete without sinking your toes into soft golden sands and diving into impossibly clear blue waters. With hundreds of beaches dotted across over 300 islands, you can trust that no matter where you choose to stay in Fiji, there will be a beautiful beach nearby. Some of our favourite Fiji beaches include:  

Malamala Beach Club, Mamanuca Islands

Located on a small isle in the Mamanuca Islands, Malamala Beach Club is the world’s first beach club on its very own island. Surrounded by golden sand and clear turquoise waters, here you can enjoy a variety of activities, including snorkelling, kayaking and paddle boarding. If you love a vibrant atmosphere, head to the main club area for cocktails by the pool, while those who prefer more privacy should stake out a beachside cabana on the other side of the island.  

Tivua Island, Mamanuca Islands

A tiny jewel in the Mamanuca Islands, Tivua Island is surrounded by a circle of white sand beaches and 500 acres of beautiful coral gardens. Although uninhabited, there is plenty to see and do on the beaches of Tivua Island, including water sports, nature walks and relaxing spa treatments. Visit Tivua Island on the My Fiji Island Experience to have some of Fiji’s most idyllic beaches all to yourself.  

Natadola Beach, Coral Coast

Just 30 minutes from Nadi Airport, along the famous Coral Coast, you’ll find the rare gem, Natadola Beach. Easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Fiji, Natadola Beach is well-shaded and boasts a sweeping stretch of pure white sand and some truly amazing swimming spots. You can even ride horses along the sand here! Natadola Beach is just a few minutes’ drive from InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa 

South Sea Island, Mamanuca Islands

Discover pristine white sand and cobalt blue waters on a visit to South Sea Island. Yet another island in the Mamanuca chain, this unspoiled slice of paradise can be visited on a day tour with South Sea Cruises. Spend your stay simply lazing beneath the tropical Fijian sun or get active with a range of activities, like snorkelling, diving and kayaking. Trust us when we say that you won’t want to leave the beach for your return journey back to the main island!  

Qalito Island, Mamanuca Islands

Located in Fiji’s Mamanuca group, the beautiful Qalito Island is one of the most famous islands in Fiji. More commonly known as Castaway Island, after its only resort, Qalito Island is blessed with not one, but two pristine, white sandy beaches – one on each side of the island. Being a small island, these two beautiful beaches can be accessed directly from the resort. Just be sure to bring your camera – both beaches on Qalito promise stunning photo opportunities.  

Volivoli Beach, Suncoast

On the northern coast of Fiji’s main island, also known as the Suncoast, you’ll find the breathtaking Volivoli Beach. This beach is most famous for its sugar soft sand, deep blue lagoon, and spectacular inland views of Fiji’s highest mountains. At the end of the beach is Volivoli Beach Resort, which is the perfect base for a day of diving, snorkelling, kitesurfing and fishing – or to simply grab a bite to eat.  

Sunset Beach, Mamanuca Islands

Located on Mana Island in the Mamanucas, Sunset Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Fiji. As the name would suggest, this beach faces westward, making it an incredible spot to catch the sunset. However, the scenery is equally stunning during the day with long stretches of white sand, tall coconut palms and clear blue water, perfect for swimming. If you’re staying at Mana Island Resort & Spa, this beautiful beach is well worth checking out.  

Liku Beach, Mamanuca Islands

Gracing the shores of Tokoriki Island, Liku Beach is another beautiful beach within the Mamanuca Islands. Liku means ‘sunset’ in Fijian, and this west-facing beach is named after the mesmerising sunsets the beach experiences. Backed by an almost vertical backdrop of lush tropical forest, Liku Beach can be accessed via the luxurious adults-only Tokoriki Island Resort 

Beqa Island, Coral Coast

A mere 45-minute boat ride from the Coral Coast, Beqa Island is one of the last untouched islands in the South Pacific. At just 15 square kilometres, Beqa Island has no roads, no cars and no towns – just a few isolated villacoral-coast-fiji-holidays/ges scattered around the perimeter. Here, you’ll find some of Fiji’s most beautiful beaches, as well as the pristine Beqa Lagoon – home to vibrant coral and spectacular marine life.

Vomo Island, Mamanuca Islands

Vomo Island is a breathtaking, privately-owned island in the Mamanuca Islands, with several idyllic white sand beaches to choose from. Protected by the outer reef, the crystalline waters surrounding Vomo Island are simply perfect for swimming, plus there are some exceptional snorkelling spots accessible straight from the beach. The luxury Vomo Island Resort also offers a range of complimentary water sports, including kayaking and paddle boarding, to enjoy during your visit.  

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