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VOU HUB Fiji is the ultimate destination for arts, culture and activities in Fiji. Located just 10 minutes from Denarau Island, VOU HUB offers a wide range of shows to suit every interest, from magical cultural experiences to family-friendly extravaganzas.

Performers at VOU HUB come from the acclaimed VOU Dance Fiji, the most internationally toured dance company from the Pacific. In fact, VOU HUB is the only venue in Fiji where you will see traditional Fijian concepts and stories told in modern and innovative ways. The shows on offer at VOU HUB Fiji include:

Fiji Untold

Immerse yourself in age-old myths and legends during the Broadway-style Fiji Untold Show. This alluring show combines traditional and contemporary song and dance to tell the story of the mythical Fijian underworld of ancient times. When viewing this performance as a My Fiji guest, you’ll also receive exclusive benefits, including return coach transfers, a pre-show performance, VIP reserved Diamond Seating, and light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy throughout.

Cannibal Chase

Discover Fiji’s first-ever horror-themed bush maze during VOU HUB’s Cannibal Chase. This interactive, spine-chilling experience is based on tales and half-whispered ancestral stories of Fijian cannibals, ghosts and ghouls. Please note that the Cannibal Chase performance involves a 45-minute walk through the bush at night-time, so it is advised to be in good health and wear appropriate footwear.

Island Adventurers

The Island Adventurers show is interactive, educational and hilarious! Embark on a wild musical adventure with the Island Adventurers Team, including their hilarious pet, Moko the Lizard, and their wise advisor, Lulu the Owl. This show will take you on a mission over rivers, through the forest and even into mysterious caves. Along the way, your children will learn interesting things about Fiji and be invited to join in with the singing and dancing fun!

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